Energy Secy Pressed On Soaring Gas Prices–Answers With Word Salad, Takes Blame Off Biden

(Washington, DC) — The energy secretary is being pressed on soaring gas prices. Jennifer Granholm opened a White House briefing by agreeing they’re too high. She cited a “global mismatch between supply and demand.” Granholm also argued Presidents don’t control the price of gas. President Biden is tapping into the nation’s vast oil reserves, authorizing release of 50-million barrels of crude. She acknowledged it will take some time to have an effect on the price at the pump.

Granholm accused oil and gas companies of continuing to limit production, blaming them instead of the anti-energy policies of the Biden administration, undoing the energy independence enjoyed under the Trump administration. She also said the President is committed to a long-term strategy of diversifying energy sources in the U.S.