Newsom budget proposes doling out more of your money, making inflation worse

Newsom Proposes The Ironically Named $18B “Inflation Relief Package”

(Sacramento, CA) –What the Governor calls financial relief to help offset the higher costs Californians are facing could be on its way. Governor Gavin Newsom today introduced an 18-billion dollar inflation relief package to get money into the pockets of Californians. The package includes direct payments to help address increasing costs due to global inflation and past-due water and utility bills, free public transit, money for health care workers, middle-class health care subsidies, and waiving child care fees for families. Newsom says the package would provide support to struggling folks and those still recovering from the pandemic. In addition, California’s minimum wage is set to increase to 15-50 per hour for all workers on January 1st, 2023.

400 Dollar Direct Payments Still Possible In California

(San Diego, CA) — Governor Gavin Newsom is still pushing for 400 dollar direct payments to California drivers as part of a State relief package. Some members of the State legislature are looking to cut the direct payments to 200 dollars or restrict them to certain income levels. But the Governor is still including the 400 dollar per registered vehicle payments, up to two per person, as part of his budget proposal to State lawmakers. He is also asking for a 439 million dollars to pause the yearly increase on diesel sales taxes for one year, but not for regular fuel. If passed, there would also be 750 million dollars to make public transit free over a three month period and 4.2 billion dollars in low-income rent, utility, and child care payments.