Newsom speeding up 12 gun control bills that he calls ‘sensible’.

(Sacramento, CA) — The state of California is fast-tracking 12 gun bills in the wake of the Texas shooting. Governor Gavin Newsom, of course, calls them “sensible.” One bill modeled after the Texas abortion law would allow private citizens to sue firearm manufacturers and distributors. Another bill would require school officials to investigate any threats of a mass shooting and report them to law enforcement. In announcing the plan to move the gun bills, Newsom referenced several high-profile California shootings, including Poway, San Bernardino and the 1989 Stockton shooting at Cleveland Elementary school. Legislative leaders say the same approach to gun laws — which has clearly not stopped gun crimes–needs to be taken by leaders in Washington, D.C.

California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon is calling for national action on what he and other anti-gun politicians call “sensible” gun control laws. Governor Gavin Newsom pointed to a string of California shootings dating back to a tragedy that garnered national headlines in the late 1980’s.