John Phillips’ Primary Ballot

You have clamored for it, now here it is: John Phillip’s ballot for the June 7th primary. These are the candidates that John announced he is voting for. Read it and as we always say, judge for yourself.

Governor: Michael Shellenberger, No Party Preference. Author of San Fransicko and endorsed by the HJTA and Wall Street Journal, Shellenberger poses the biggest threat to Newsom on the November ballot. It’s time for Newsom to be out of office, and parking cars at the Doubletree by the airport.

Attorney General: Eric Early, Republican. Soros prosecutors are destroying public safety from within their offices. Early is strong on crime and offers voters the best contrast to Rob Bonta. If someone steals my catalytic converter, I want them to get the chair.

Treasurer: Fiona Ma, Democrat. Ma is the sanest Democrat in the state, and you need someone who knows what they’re doing in charge of the money. She hasn’t hijacked the office to push the state in a woke direction, she keeps an eye on the cash. Plus, the sexual harassment allegations leveled against her by a disgruntled employee make it clear that Fiona is…. fun.

Controller: Lanhee Chen, Republican. Let’s see the LA Times call Fiona and Lanhee ‘the black face of white supremacy.’ Lahnee is probably the strongest Republican statewide candidate on the ballot. I worked with him for a bit at CNN; he’s really smart, understands California politics and would be a welcomed check to one party rule.

US Senate: Mark Meuser. Mark has no chance, but he won’t embarrass us…. that much. Some of those other candidates, on the other hand, need to be living a room with the mattresses on the walls. Anyone who is smart enough to be an attorney at Harmeet Dhillon’s firm, is smart enough to be my sacrificial lamb.

Mayor of LA: Rick Caruso, Democrat. If any town needs an outsider to tackle crime, homelessness, and cleaning up the trash, it’s LA. Rick reminds me a lot of former mayor Dick Riordan. Karen Bass reminds me of a low energy Angela Davis.

Orange County District Attorney: Todd Spitzer, Republican. George Soros is currently trying to buy this office too, with a dinner theater version of George Gascon. I’m from Orange County. My family still lives in Orange County. It’s gonna be a real pain in the ass if one of them gets shot. Don’t turn OC into LA.

Congress 47th District (Irvine, Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa): Scott Baugh, Republican. Katie Porter is the non-Native American version of Elizabeth Warren. OC may not be the OC of the eighties, but it’s still not North Korea.

Congress 45th District (Garden Grove, Westminster, Cerritos, Fountain Valley, Brea, Fullerton, Placentia, and Buena Park): Michelle Steel. Coming from county and state government, Michelle understands how California is being crushed by rising crime, homelessness, and regulations. Her opponent mocked her accent (she’s from Korea, south, not north) by saying that you need a translator to understand her. All of a sudden, it’s okay to mock immigrants for their accent. How about this…. Joe Biden was born in Pennsylvania, and I need a translator to understand him. What’s his excuse? Vote Steel, not the moron.

Board of Equalization District 4: Randy Economy, Republican. Randy may only have the ability to see in one eye, but he has the best vision in this race for California. Randy understands that we are taxed too much, and he’s a troublemaker. California needs more troublemakers.

LA County Board of Supervisors District 3: Roxanne Hoge, Republican. The LA County Board of Supervisors is a traveling nut show and the fake doctor is the head cashew. Roxanne would be the third vote to dump “Dr” Ferrer, oppose closing men’s central jail and supports the recall of George Gascon. I’m sold on Roxanne!

LA County Sheriff: Alex Villanueva, Democrat. In LA the DA is pro criminal. The Board Of Supervisors is pro criminal. Mark Ridley Thomas is a criminal (cough, cough, allegedly). Villanueva is the one thing standing in the way of you getting stabbed. Vote Villanueva.

Listen to John’s Primary Ballot show here: