Report: Barbara Ferrer – who is not a medical doctor – relied on report by her daughter – who is not a medical doctor – to formulate mask mandates

It’s being called MANDATE-GATE. The bombshell was dropped on Talk Radio 790, KABC Wednesday afternoon!

Jennifer Van Laar editor of Red State Magazine, exposed who co-authored the CDC’s report that was used as justification for mask mandate guidelines for schools.  The daughter — who is not a medical doctor– of Barbara Ferrer–who in not a medical doctor.

Van Larr:  “A study that the CDC has relied upon to recommend — recommend in air quotes — mask mandates in schools across the country was authored in part by Barbara Ferrer’s daughter, Kaitlyn Barnes, who is also not a doctor, like her mom.  And she doesn’t even have any type of scientific degree. She works at the LA County Office of Education, where she is paid $130,000 a year to write these studies with her mom’s colleagues.”

KABC Legal Analyst Royal Oakes this relationship could be a severe conflict of interest and brings the report’s veracity into question. Hear Royal with John Phillips here:

Jennifer Van Laar was a guest on the John Phillips show on Talk Radio 790, KABC. Read Jennifer’s story here: