Parents Of Suspect In Colorado Shooting Also Had Criminal Background

(San Diego, CA) — A new report says the parents of the young man arrested for the Colorado shooting also had criminal histories. Anderson Aldrich is reportedly the grandson of former Santee Mayor and outgoing San Diego Assemblymember Randy Voepel, who just lost reelection. The young man was reportedly arrested last year for threatening to kill his mother, but no charges were filed. The Denver Gazette says Aldrich was actually born Nicholas Brink, but changed his name before he turned 16. The report says his parents were Laura Voepel, the former assemblymember’s daughter, and Aaron Brink, an MMA fighter turned porn star, who has a criminal history of burglary and parole violations. In addition, Voepel was also arrested for arson and she failed to complete her probation in Texas. The couple separated a year after the suspect was born.