Anti-Semitism gets a pass on Long Island

(Mineola, NY) — Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman and other community leaders are outraged by the “disgraceful” plea deal offered to the man behind a brutal anti-Semitic attack, and he wants DA Alvin Bragg to reconsider.
Nassau County resident Joey Borgen was viciously assaulted by Waseem Awawdeh and a group in midtown Manhattan in May of 2021. Borgen was wearing a yarmulke and the mob savagely attacked him as he walked to a pro-Israel rally. This week, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg offered the defendant six months in jail, and opponents are outraged by the sweetheart deal, noting that at his own arraignment Awawdeh showed no remorse for his crime saying he would “do it again.” The defendant is set to return to court on January 26th.
Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman said they are appealing to Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg to rethink the plea deal.