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Biden called “serial classified document hoarder.”



Additional Classified Documents Found In Biden’s Delaware Home

(Wilmington, DE) — President Biden’s attorney says six additional items, including documents marked as classified, were found in Biden’s Delaware home Friday following a Department of Justice search. The documents appear to be related to Biden’s time as vice president and from his tenure in the U.S. Senate, per Biden’s personal attorney Bob Bauer. Bauer says there were found after Biden’s counsel offered full access to the home.

Top House Republican Calls Biden “Serial Classified Document Hoarder”

(Dayton, OH) — One House Republican is calling President Biden a “serial classified document hoarder.” Appearing on CBS’ Face the Nation, Ohio Representative Mike Turner questioned if Biden showed the documents discovered in his private Delaware residence to anyone. Turner said that’s the “only reason” he could think of as to why they were taken out of a classified space. The Ohio GOP lawmaker also stressed the importance of having a special counsel investigate Biden’s documents to look at the chain of custody to find out why he had them in his possession to begin with.