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LA onerously cranking up regulations and costs for outdoor dining. Restaurants, facing closure, are fighting back.



Here is the email Angela Marsden, the owner of the famous Pineapple Hill Saloon and Grill in Sherman Oaks has sent to her customers, colleagues and friends, to oppose the Al Fresco Ordinance.

Dear Patrons,   I write today to inform you regarding a new ordinance the city of Los Angeles is drawing up. It’s called the Al Fresco Ordinance, and it would make patio dining permanent.   In theory, it sounds like a great idea…   However, as is usually the case, there are elements of the “fine print” which could ultimately put restaurants like Pineapple Hill out of business.   For starters, the new rules and regulations would cut patios on private property to only 5 parking spaces.   That would take our patio down to less than half of its current size. Plus, the cost for consultants and permits to make it happen could run up to $80,000.   Because of how hard it’s been just trying to keep going and catch up after the pandemic, many restaurant owners will not be able to do this and will lose their outdoor patio altogether…   I am one of them. I would have to remove my entire patio.
COVID-19 is still present, and this ordinance would take away my ability to give you, the customer, the choice to dine where you feel the most comfortable, whether that be outside or inside.   It would hurt our revenue tremendously during a time when we are already dealing with inflation, rising gas bills, and wage increases; a time we need the revenue the most.   Please take a few minutes of your time to help save outdoor dining by emailing [email protected] with your input. You can even copy and paste the following message:
To Whom it May Concern,   I am writing to oppose the Al Fresco Ordinance, which would make patio dining permanent in Los Angeles.   In theory, it sounds like a good idea, but the new rules and regulations would ultimately put some of my favorite restaurants out of business.   In order to achieve a better community experience, I believe it is vitally important for outdoor dining to thrive in Los Angeles.   Thus, it is in our best interest to make patio dining easy for businesses to implement and maintain, especially in a post-COVID environment.   The Al Fresco Ordinance would place more cumbersome restrictions on local businesses during a time when they are already struggling to recover from the affects of the pandemic.   For this reason, I vehemently oppose this legislation and urge you to reconsider implementing it.   Sincerely,   (Your Name)
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You can also mail your feedback to:   Mary Richardson, Department of City Planning 200 N. Spring Street, Room 701 Los Angeles, CA 90012   The deadline for responses is March 3rd. Please take a moment before then to submit an email. I would be eternally thankful!   With gratitude,   Angela Marsden Owner Pineapple Hill Saloon & Grill