More homeless plans and mindful strategies from Newsom on his ‘avoiding a State of the Union address’ tour.

(Sacramento, CA) — If you can picture this, the Governor says about 1,200 tiny home units will be built statewide under a proposal unveiled Thursday by California Governor Gavin Newsom. He says the tiny homes are just one part of an overall plan which will cut the number of unsheltered people in the state by 15-percent in two years.

Newsom is touring the state this week to announce various policy proposals. The tour is a stunt in place of the annual state-of-the-state address–which he is required to make. In Sacramento, the focus was on homelessness. He’ll also appear in the Bay Area, L-A and San Diego before the weekend is over. The tiny homes announced today will add to a list of other housing initiatives the administration has created in recent years, including Newsom’s signature Project Homekey program.