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Most sinful cities. Also most hateful. And most jealous.



From wallethub.com:

Luckily for the saints among us, all American sins are not created, or distributed, equally. In order to identify the darkest corners of America, WalletHub compared more than 180 U.S. cities across 38 key indicators of vices and illicit behavior. Our data set ranges from violent crimes per capita to excessive drinking to adult entertainment establishments per capita.

Here are the results. Read and Judge for yourself:


Most Sinful Cities in America from Wallethub.com

Overall Rank*CityWalletHub Vice IndexAnger & HatredJealousyExcesses & VicesGreedLustVanityLaziness
1Las Vegas, NV59.9332318725517
2St. Louis, MO55.14112182225126
3Philadelphia, PA54.11914385562635
4Houston, TX53.723161497736130
5Atlanta, GA53.39502841761953
6Los Angeles, CA52.862590171982179
7Denver, CO52.571716416491655
8Chicago, IL52.4916131099015774
9Baton Rouge, LA51.39839136894210
10Phoenix, AZ50.655470789912364
11Cleveland, OH50.077178152393312
12New Orleans, LA49.935111292188631
13Baltimore, MD49.5913815101176136
14Memphis, TN49.56111241624212224
15New York, NY49.36381111761194433
16San Bernardino, CA48.94151026342102116
17Dallas, TX48.863724107112810113
18Miami, FL48.71106151487820815
19North Las Vegas, NV47.12135468328
51San Francisco, CA41.726866116871327176
56San Diego, CA41.2815415716183512132