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Eric Early leads in race for Cali US Senate seat.



This is the latest from the Berkley IGS poll:

“The poll also asked likely voters in next year’s March 2024 primary election their voting preferences for U.S. Senate, and the results indicate that the race remains a wide-open affair. Bunched closely together atop the field are the only major Republican to have entered the race, attorney Eric Early, with 18%, Democratic Congresswoman Katie Porter at 17% and Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff at 14%. Democratic Congresswoman Barbara Lee trails at 9%. But a huge 32% remain undecided in the race, while another 10% say they would support “someone else”.”

The poll was released today and can be read here: file:///C:/Users/drew.hayes/Downloads/eScholarship%20UC%20item%205gk3z8qc-1.pdf

Also from the poll:

About the Survey
The findings in this report are based on a Berkeley IGS Poll completed by the Institute of Governmental
Studies (IGS) at the University of California, Berkeley. The poll was administered online in English
and Spanish May 17-22, 2023, among 7,465 California registered voters, of whom a weighted
subsample of 5,236 were considered likely to vote in the March 2024 primary election. Funding for
the poll was provided in part by the Los Angeles Times.