All-American Radio with Jennifer Kerns

Jennifer serves as one of the nation’s top conservative communicators — as a lifelong Press Secretary having won the votes of more than 50 Million people in America, including tough swing states and blue states like California.

She served as writer & researcher for the most-watched 2016 Presidential Debate for FOX News & the most-watched TV event in American history outside of a Super Bowl.

Jennifer previously served as Spokeswoman for the California Republican Party; Spokeswoman & Communications Strategist behind the victorious Colorado Recalls to defend the Second Amendment; and Communications Director for Prop. 8 over marriage which went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

She has served as an appointee of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger twice, as an Assistant Secretary of State; and as an Assistant Deputy Insurance Commissioner for California, as well as spokeswoman for the California wildfires disaster response that helped evacuate 1 Million people.

She is also a contributor to The Hill and The Daily Caller.

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