Armstrong & Getty



News, politics, pop culture and the experiences of everyday life are on the menu each day during The Armstrong & Getty Show.  

Jack Armstrong & Joe Getty dedicate every broadcast to the idea that you can be informed and involved–without being angry.  After all, laughter is the best medicine during these complicated times.  

Jack Armstrong and his wife Laura have two young sons, as well as two dogs, two cats, a horse, innumerable goats and several more beasts roaming throughout their property.  After the kiddos finally wind-down each night, Jack is known to consume a healthy amount of cable news talk programming, pie and convenience store hotdogs.

Joe Getty grew up in Chicagoland where he met and married his wife Judy.  After raising three kids, they’re now empty nesters who can often be found roaming various hillsides with their judgmental dog, Baxter.  When he’s done preparing for the next broadcast, Joe sometimes plays guitar and records with his band “Joe Getty & The Dead Flowers”.  

Completing the A&G cast:  Technical Director (and quip-master) MichaelAngelo, who’s responsible for keeping the show from sliding off-the- tracks every morning.  Plus, there’s Positive Sean, who’s likely responsible when the show nearly goes off-the-tracks. 

Armstrong & Getty fans can watch behind-the-scenes clips and additional videos on their YouTube channel, and they can be followed socially via both Facebook and Twitter.  For more info, head over to

Armstrong & Getty