Carol & Kay Save The USA

Tuesday Nights at 7PM

About Carol & Kay Save the USA

Carol And Kay Save The USA will be the first & ONLY show focused solely on the homeless crisis, escalating crime and utter destruction of L.A. and California. 

Listen Tuesday nights at 7pm on Talk Radio 790KABC.

Meet Carol Silver

Carol’s creative career spans two decades of Television Development, Production, Writing and Special Events. While at ESPN she co-created and co-produced the show “Dream Job” which ran for three seasons and tripled ratings in its time slot. She has most recently produced notable specials featuring President George W. Bush, President Jimmy Carter, Kevin Costner, Luke Bryan and Kid Rock.

A New Yorker at heart, she relocated to Los Angeles in 2009 when California was paradise. Saddened to witness its decline firsthand, she started the twitter feed @LAVagrants as a platform for Los Angeles citizens to voice their concerns over escalating crime and the homeless crisis.

She’s a graduate of The University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a degree in English and Creative Writing. She drives too fast, curses too much and has downed two iced mochas a day…for the last twenty-five years.


Meet Kay Smythe

Kay became a published journalist, writer and researcher when she was 11-years-old; since then, her work has been featured by Guardian, Huffington Post, The Tab, Cannabis Industry Journal, Variety, and more. In 2015, Kay graduated from Plymouth University with BA Honors in Geography, and moved to California as a social science specialist. Most of Kay’s work is held under NDA for her academic, business, nonprofit, and political clients. 

Originally from Wales, she watched her hometown succumb to unmitigated social decline. Now faced with trends forecasting the devolution of California into an open-air prison camp, Kay isn’t going to sit idly by and let the propaganda overtake the data. She’s here to set the record straight because Los Angeles and other metropolitan cities can still be saved. 

If you smoke cannabis, wear clothes, read magazines, or watch music videos, you’ve likely seen Kay featured by leading brands, artists, and creative directors who align with her disruptive approach to solving humanitarian crises… oh, and she gets along with everyone if they let her. 

Visit for the latest news, stories, and data from the macro-social decline occurring across California.