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If you or someone you know is struggling with the overwhelming burden of debt, or you’d just like to educate yourself on how the system works, Debt Relief Radio is for you. We cover topics related to ALL types of debt including credit cards, mortgage debt, bankruptcy and business loans. We’ll also discuss new government programs that may be available to you or your business and options lenders are offering right now.

We will not only educate and entertain you, but really put things in perspective. Debt is not the end of the world but sometimes it can feel that way. Our office is here to talk anytime and answer your specific questions about anything related to debt or creditors.

Keep in mind, your creditors are an “adverse party” and they are not there to give you legal advice. Do Not take legal advice from your creditors, call a knowledgeable experienced attorney who is on your side.

We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you through these difficult times. My hope is Debt Relief Radio can add value to your life and please, if you know anyone who may benefit from our perspective, turn them on to the show!

We can reached 24/7 at: 888-89-RADIO or on our website

Timothy McFarlin


4 Park Plaza, Ste 1025

Irvine CA 92614

Serving clients throughout California

Timothy McFarlin

I am an attorney and Managing Partner at McFarlin LLP. I focus my practice on adding value for consumers and small businesses in every legal matter with our primary focus of eliminating debt, stopping foreclosures and maximizing value for assets while wiping out creditors, we are proud to be the only firm I’m aware of the offer the following services:


  1. $0 Down Bankruptcy, no fee upfront when we file, pay over time, we make bankruptcy affordable;
  2. $0 Down Credit Repair, because Bankruptcy is only half the job, we need to get your good credit back quickly;
  3. $0 Down Student Loan Forgiveness, maximum forgiveness and the lowest possible payment, often no payment at all;
  4. Avoid Foreclosure, we sue lenders to enforce consumer laws forcing them to give you a fair and transparent review at a modification and the best possible opportunity to keep your home permanently;
  5. If you are thinking of selling, we Maximize your Payout and Profit, we’ll become your broker and work aggressively to get you the most out of your transaction; as the lender takes less, you get more, no agent can do what we do.

Previously, I worked for the Honorable Christopher M. Klein, Chief US Bankruptcy Court Judge, Eastern District of California as a judicial extern.  Additionally, I worked for Charles W. Daff, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee in the Central District of California, in areas of law related to all types of Bankruptcy, Litigation and Foreclosure Defense.

I’m admitted to practice before ALL Courts in California, including all District Courts, so I can take on your matter anywhere in California. It is often difficult to find an expert in your community, but we can help.

I’ve been a speaker at Orange County Bar Association Events, Real Estate Division, related to foreclosures, mortgage litigation and short sales, I’ve also served as a legal resource for the California Association of Realtors.  I’ve been cited and quoted by National Publications including USA Today, Mortgage Banking Magazine, The Wall Street Journal online, and a variety of local publications such as the Orange County Register on topics related to bankruptcy and foreclosure.

It all seems so long ago, but I graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) with a B.A. degree in Economics, and an emphasis in Accounting.  Next I received his J.D. from the University of California at Davis (King Hall).  I focused my studies on bankruptcy, real estate law and litigation, which are my primary practice areas today.

You can reach my office 24/7 at 888-89-RADIO or on our dedicated website.