Keystone Pipeline Workers Remain Jobless

Keystone Pipeline Workers Remain Jobless

Former workers on the Keystone XL pipeline remain jobless more than two months after President Joe Biden ordered the project to cease on his first day in office.

Lynn Allen, a former Keystone XL employee, told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” that he still has yet to find another job.

“I talked to people nearly every day and there’s nothing out there,” he said.

“You think about it every minute of every day,” he added. “It’s just, ‘when will this ever come back around, where we can get a job and prosper my family,’ because right now my family’s on hold. It’s just — it’s a shame.”

Retired pipeline worker Guy Williams said “there’s quite a few people” out of work near him in Louisiana.

“There’s a lot of welders, pipe-laying people that live in my general area, a lot of young guys that I know, some that used to work for me when I was working in the trades. But they don’t have anywhere to go.”

Allen noted that he’s not interested in the clean job opportunities or infrastructure plans that President Joe Biden has proposed, saying, “I’ve been welding for 32 years now. That’s my trade. That’s my calling in life. And none of that fits my plan. I’m a welder. That’s what I’ve been doing. And him wanting to rebuild the middle class, cutting welding jobs, cutting oil and gas, the oil and gas is pretty much the heart of the middle class and the upper class. Oil and gas is what drives the United States and the world and he cuts everything out from us.”

Williams added, “our life is wrapped up in the pipeline. That’s all we’ve ever done, that’s all we know. I’m a second generation pipeline. My sons used to pipeline before they got out of college and the pipeline is where our life is. You know, on a daily basis you know if we get a call to go to work somewhere, it may be in — I live in Louisiana. It may be in Montana. You’ve got to hook up to an RV and pull day and night to get there as soon as possible and, you know, then you’ve got to take a welding test and the results of the welding test will say whether you’ve got a job or not. Our lives are not as rosy as people think it is.”

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