Matthew McConaughey Did Not Run for Governor Because ‘He Stood for Nothing’

Matthew McConaughey’s somewhat unsurprising and anti-climactic announcement Monday that he would not run for governor of Texas in 2022 was primarily because the Oscar-winning actor “stood for nothing,” according to a student well acquainted with Lone Star State politics.

“Virtually no one in Texas knows where McConaughey stood on any major issue of concern to Texans,” scholar Wayne Thorburn, whose books “The Republican Party of Texas” and “Red State” are considered must-reads in terms of the political evolution of Texas, told Newsmax.

Thorburn’s analysis was borne from a collection of statements about politics assembled by National Public Radio that come from Uvalde natives and Austin residents. Those statements range from “we have some problems we need to fix,” to “our politics need more purpose,” “we need more trust in our lives,” “our children are our greatest asset,” “freedom comes with responsibility” and “great leaders serve.”

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