McCarthy: Punish Rep. Bowman for Pulling Fire Alarm Before Vote

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., called for an investigation into progressive Rep. Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., who was questioned Saturday by the Capitol Police’s criminal investigation unit after he pulled a fire alarm in one of the House’s office buildings while lawmakers were scrambling to come to a vote to avert a government shutdown. 

“I think Ethics should look at this,” the speaker said during a press conference after the vote for a 45-day continuing resolution passed in the House, NBC News reported. “This is serious when you think of how people are treated when they wanted to come in and change the course of what was happening in this building.”

He noted Bowman’s action was caught on camera, and said he will be speaking with House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., about the incident, as it “should not go without punishment.” 

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