Rep. Dan Bishop to Newsmax TV: McConnell Resists Trump ‘to His Peril’

Rep. Dan Bishop to Newsmax TV: McConnell Resists Trump ‘to His Peril’

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., indicated in a recent interview a candidate’s backing by former President Donald Trump will not be his main indicator for backing them himself.

But Rep. Dan Bishop, R-N.C., tells Newsmax TV the leader had better get a better sense of what GOP voters want if he wants to continue his political future with the party.

McConnell, after voting Saturday against conviction in Trump’s impeachment trial, took to the Senate floor to say the former president was responsible for inciting people to storm the Capitol on Jan. 6 and would likely be held liable in the legal system.

Asked about backlash on those comments, McConnell told Politico, “My goal is, in every way possible, to have nominees representing the Republican Party who can win in November. Some of them may be people the former president likes. Some of them may not be. The only thing I care about is electability.”

Appearing on Monday’s “Stinchfield,” Bishop said the American people love Trump because they see him as an ally, “Someone who is tough as nails and would fight every day in office for them.”

McConnell, he said, needs to figure out they want candidates like that, “because objecting to them or resisting them — he will do to his peril.”

As for a 9/11-style commission to investigate the events of Jan. 6, Bishop said he would back such a move, especially as it would look into Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s knowledge of security needs ahead of the attack.

“We need to know what Nancy Pelosi knew and what preparations she made,” he said. “And what action she did specifically to see to it – that in the light of expectations of a big crowd in D.C. – what sort of security she provided for the Capitol. We don’t know those answers.”


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