Rep. Perry to Newsmax: Committee Will Coordinate Bobulinski, Joe Meetings

Member of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., who will be interviewing Hunter Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski tomorrow, tells Newsmax his committee will seek to establish a record of the meetings held between President Joe Biden and other parties who sought to construct a deal around now defunct Chinese energy company CEFC.

Perry tells “Rob Schmitt Tonight” that before Joe Biden was president of the United States, he was going to be president or vice president of what was once a Global Fortune 500 Chinese energy and finance conglomerate.

What the committee plans to do Tuesday, Perry says, “is have a conversation with [Bobulinski], get the facts about” Joe Biden heading a Chinese energy company, “and then question the other folks to see what they know about it, because obviously, something is not going to add up.”

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