Sen. Lankford to Newsmax: Biden is Pro Russian Pipelines, Anti US Pipelines

After news broke that the Keystone XL pipeline had been canceled, Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford validated concerns that President Joe Biden was okay with “pipelines as long as they’re Russian pipelines.”

Lankford criticized the Biden administration for blocking a permit that would allow for the pipeline’s construction, saying,  the president’s actions would do more harm than good, as the oil still has to reach its intended target, but now with further complications.

“He’s not opposed to pipelines as long as they’re Russian pipelines,” Lankford told Newsmax’s “Spicer & Co.” “He approves of Russian pipelines and remove sanctions on those, but he has a problem, apparently with Canada and with folks like Montana, because not all the oil is coming out of Canada; some of it’s coming out of the northern part of the United States, moving down to the Gulf Coast to be able to move it. What’s going to happen on that oil? It’s not going to stop that oil. The oil is not going to be on trains; it’s not gonna be on trucks, and it’s going to be able to move that way less efficiently, more costly, more dangerously, than it is for the pipeline. It is absolutely nonsensical.”

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