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Outraged, with Mike Netter & Friends

Fridays at 7PM
Outraged, with Mike Netter & Friends
Are you tired of the crime, homelessness, taxes, price of food and gas and what is happening to California? Mike Netter is! As Co-Chair of Rebuild California, a Statewide movement fighting to bring Sanity and Political balance to California, helping to lead the charge to VOTE THEM OUT OR SHOUT THEM OUT. LET’S SHOUT TOGETHER ON FRIDAY NIGHTS 7-9PM!
One of the Hosts of Friday Nights at the French Laundry on KABC along with other shows Mike has been a frequent Host on KABC. 
Mike is a veteran of distribution, sales and marketing. He has served in senior executive roles at multinational firms. He is now applying his business expertise to state politics to create a powerful team of volunteers and allied organizations to further the cause of conservatism in the State of California.
Using the power of social media, Mike helped spearhead the effort to recall Gavin Newsom.
Mike is also using his speaking skills to spread awareness to many groups throughout the State
Listen to us Friday Nights and join the OUTRAGE 7-9PM KABC 790 AM Streaming EVERYWHERE
Go to rebuildcalifornia.com and Join the battle and help fund the fight
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