The Cunard Story with Peter Tilden

Saturday June 29th at 3pm and Sunday June 30th at 7am

You may know… ‘Cunard’… as the premiere name in ocean travel and luxury accommodations but did you know that thousands of people would not be here today if it weren’t for ‘Cunard’ ships like, ‘The Queen Mary’? Countless families fled Nazi Germany on ships thanks to this this daring company. Tune in for a special one hour show hosted by Peter Tilden, this Saturday June 29th at 3pm and this Sunday June 30th at 7am where Peter Tilden will be speaking with a panel of experts about ‘Cunard’ and the decision to do all it could to help people escape Nazi Germany! Also join us July 5th on the ‘Queen Mary’ in Long Beach’ for a rich cultural experience called… The ‘Cunard Story’.














Photo provided by Bob Tennenboum.