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The Karl Gerber Workplace Lawyer Show

Meet Karl Gerber

Since 1993, Los Angeles native, Karl Gerber, has represented many thousands of California employees in lawsuits against their employers. During last ten years many of these cases have been on a group or classwide basis. In 2010 he was ordained to practice law in Texas (with a law license). The same year the state bars of Massachusetts and Washington D.C. issued him licenses to practice law. On the Federal level, he is licensed before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Central District of California, Southern District of California, Eastern and Northern Districts of California. He is a member of the California Employment Lawyers Associate and Labor and Employment Section of the California State Bar. 

Gerber founded the Employment Lawyers Group which has offices in Bakersfield, Downtown Los Angeles, Ontario, Oxnard, Riverside, Sherman Oaks (in the same location since 1999), Torrance, and Tustin. He and his firm have a number of published appellate decisions in the field of employment law. Presently he focuses on employee lawsuits involving unpaid wages, sexual harassment, job terminations due to medical conditions (disability, FMLA, pregnancy), wrongful termination whistleblower cases, and sometimes racial harassment lawsuits.

Prior to the advent of web-based publishing Gerber published a number of legal articles related to employment law. To date he has written more than 1,000 articles on employment law which appear on the internet. 

Gerber is an expert on the history of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. He has a thirty five year collection of artifacts, books, maps, photographs, postcards, printings, menus, transportation schedules, plans of historic buildings, and telephone books. Besides writing the Legend of the Lizard People, which incorporated several famous Los Angeles myths, he maintains two websites about the lore, myth, and history of Los Angeles. Be sure to see his first history blog, or his latest Los Angeles history website. These websites present Gerber’s original research about the cultural history of Los Angeles while showcasing images from his collection which are often one of one.

If employment law and history were not enough, Gerber is a ground up construction guy who has built small office buildings, hillside, and luxury homes. His particular trades include landscaping up to an acre by himself, concrete flat work, poured in place concrete walls, smooth stucco, demolition, paint, and drywall pickup. He most dislikes difficult wood cuts, plumbing, and drywall finishing. Knowing his limitations, he would never attempt to wire anything. 

With this background, Karl Gerber, endeavors to make each episode of his weekly radio show something other than a boring lawyer show. 

The Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show’s Website contains each episode of the show going back to 2018. Be sure to listen every week on this station.

The Karl Gerber Workplace Lawyer Show