The Sandlot Radio Show

Sundays at 8PM 
The Sandlot Radio Show

About The Show

Wrecking Yard Baseball & Softball presents The Sandlot Radio Show on KABC 790 AM. The Sandlot Radio Show has aired for 11 seasons and has been heard on ESPN radio, Fox Sports Radio, The Fan, and more. The Sandlot Radio show interviews major league players, coaches, scouts, and more about their childhood baseball stories and backgrounds.

Tad Powers is the owner of the Sandlot Radio Network and host of The Sandlot Radio Show; Tad is also a former minor league player and major league scout. Tad has interviewed some of the biggest names in baseball including Barry Bonds, Derek Jeter, Greg Maddux, Vin Scully, and Albert Pujols to name a few.

Will Kiger is the Chief Operating Officer of Wrecking Yard Baseball & Softball, a local baseball and softball organization boasting multiple travel teams and its own facility located in Torrance. Will Kiger will co-host and produce the show alongside Tad.