Your Day of Destiny

Sundays at 8PM
Your Day of Destiny

Meet Michael-John

Michael-John is an International Destiny Coach with over two decades of experience in mentoring professionals to new heights of success. He advised professional athletes, CEO’s, executives, celebrities in the entertainment industry, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and a multitude of dreamers on their journey to fulfill their destiny.  
Michael-John’s weekly radio show, “Your Day Of Destiny” will aid you to transform your mind and compel you to identify the extraordinary opportunities that lie ahead. Each week he offers business principles, spiritual guidance, and solid wisdom to assist you in navigating successfully through the challenging times we live in. Join Michael-John each Sunday at 8:00 P.M., Pacific Standard Time, on KABC 790 AM or for “Your Day of Destiny” and experience one dynamic hour of encouragement that will change your life.
“Remember, your thoughts matter, because your thoughts alter matter.” Michael-John
Your Day of Destiny

Meet Ann Lesley

Has the madness of today’s world made you feel like blasting off into space? Get back down to earth with Ann Lesly and get unique perspectives to help you successfully navigate these changing times and uncover new burning desires!


Ann is not a rookie to the industry — rather a reawakening titan eager to trim the blooming petals off the vine. Her level of class, sophistication, wit, knowledge and honesty on any chosen topic juxtaposed to her life experiences leaves her second to none — and to be completely fair — even that is one too many.