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New technology created to hunt down drones

After an apparent assassination attempt of Venezuela’s president, new systems to track and bring drones down are in the spotlight. CNN’s Samuel Burke reports.

Official: North Korea remains likely American

Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency forensic specialist John Byrd says the repatriation of US soldier remains from North Korea is one of the largest unilateral turnovers the US has ever received, based on the agency’s preliminary findings.

Cops: 3 abandoned babies have same mom

Berlin police say three abandoned babies share the same mother, despite the availability of anonymous “baby hatches” for mothers with unwanted pregnancies. CNN’s Atika Shubert reports.

Report: Signs N. Korea building new missiles

New indicators, including satellite images, show that North Korea could be in the midst of building new missiles, the Washington Post reported, citing officials familiar with the intelligence.

Tour de France riders inadvertently tear-gassed

The Tour de France — cycling’s most prestigious race — was temporarily halted after tear gas, used to disperse protesters by police, inadvertently got into the eyes of some riders.

Source: N. Korea seeking ‘bold move’ from US

Continued negotiations between the United States and North Korea hinge on Washington’s willingness to make a “bold move” and agree to a peace treaty with Pyongyang, according to an official with close knowledge of North Korea’s position on the matter. CNN’s Will Ripley reports.

Trump tweets explosive threat to Iran

President Donald Trump has launched a furious all-caps Twitter rebuke of Iran declaring “you will suffer consequences the likes of which few have ever suffered before.” CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh reports.

Research Says Good Sleep Can Make You Look and Feel Beautiful

Have you ever heard someone jokingly tell you that they have to go to bed early so they can get their beauty sleep? Well, certified sleep science coach Charles Brantner, who’s also founder of Sleep Zoo, says it’s no joke. If you get a good night’s rest, you’ll feel and look your best the next day.…MORE