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Some EpiPen expiration dates get extended on heels of major shortage

By Jacqueline Howard CNN The US Food and Drug Administration announced Tuesday that it is extending the expiration date for certain EpiPens. EpiPens are auto-injectors that deliver epinephrine to help treat life-threatening allergic reactions. The expiration extension comes in response to an ongoing shortage of the medications, which were added to the FDA’s drug shortage…MORE

Amazon hires star cardiologist as it pushes deeper into health care

By Tami Luhby Amazon has hired a top cardiologist as it broadens its involvement in the health care industry. Maulik Majmudar, who is also associate director of the Healthcare Transformation Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital, announced on Twitter that he is moving to “an exciting and challenging role @amazon.” Majmudar did not specify what his…MORE

Giuliani tries to clarify ‘truth isn’t truth’ comment.

By Maegan Vazquez CNN Rudy Giuliani on Monday attempted to clarify his weekend remark that “truth isn’t truth” as part of his explanation for why he doesn’t believe that President Donald Trump should testify with special counsel Robert Mueller. “My statement was not meant as a pontification on moral theology but one referring to the…MORE

Teachers’ union and LAUSD still far apart as strike vote approaches

The teachers of the Los Angeles Unified School District are set to begin voting on whether to authorize a strike this Thursday. United Teachers L.A. is asking for a retroactive 6.5 % pay hike. The District says it can’t afford that without draining almost half of its $1.2 billion reserve fund. New LAUSD Superintendent Austin…MORE

Chicago records 58 shootings in less than 3 days.

By Holly Yan CNN In this city, someone gets shot an average of about once per hour. That was the sobering reality in Chicago this weekend, when at least 58 people were shot between Friday afternoon and late Sunday night, according to the Chicago Police Major Incident Notification System. Five of those shooting victims died…MORE

Melania Trump tackles ‘destructive and harmful’ effects of social media.

By Kate Bennett and Betsy Klein CNN First lady Melania Trump spoke out against cyberbullying Monday as part of her Be Best campaign, warning against “destructive and harmful” uses of social media and once again highlighting a messaging rift between the East Wing and the West Wing. In remarks at a cyberbullying summit in Rockville,…MORE

Police Union President says proposed use of force reform endangers cops’ lives

Police say a police reform bill in Sacramento is bound to endanger the lives of police officers.  Assembly Bill 931 would replace the reasonable force standard with allowing cops to use lethal force only when necessary. Craig Lally President of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, says the proposed legislation was crafted by the ACLU.…MORE

Abuse survivor: I’m glad Pope is speaking out

Juan Carlos Cruz, a survivor of sexual abuse by a priest in Chile, reacts to Pope Francis’ letter acknowledging “with shame and repentance” the Catholic Church’s failure to act over sexual abuse by clerics against minors.MORE

Police use Taser on 87-year-old woman cutting dandelions with a knife.

By Keith Allen CNN An 87-year-old grandmother using a knife to cut dandelions in the woods near her rural Georgia home last week was taken down by a police Taser and arrested, according a police report. Martha Al-Bishara was arrested for criminal trespass and obstruction of a police officer, according to the report. Chatsworth Police…MORE