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Apple warns not to keep its credit card by leather. Or denim. Or loose change.

Originally Published: 22 AUG 19 11:38 ET Updated: 23 AUG 19 16:10 ET By Kaya Yurieff, CNN Business (CNN) — Apple’s new titanium credit card comes with a potential headache that will be familiar to iPhone users everywhere: It can get scuffed up a little too easily in the real world. Apple updated its support…MORE

Police finally caught the man accused of a brutal murder at Cal State Fullerton.

Fullerton Police Lieutenant Jon Radus says the suspect was the victim’s co-worker. He says 51-year-old Chuyen Vo (CHEW-yen VOH) of Huntington Beach stabbed 57-year-old Cal State worker Steven Chan. ”The whys, the hows, those will all be answered – hopefully here in the next few days – and in the coming weeks. And those will…MORE

Mayor Says Basketball Courts Attract Undesirables

By Jayson Campadonia, KABC Arcadia Mayor Pro Tem Roger Chandler told city council members this week that unsanctioned basketball tournaments Eisenhower Park bring in the type of people he doesn’t want in the city.  The park is undergoing a complete transformation with picnic areas and baseball diamonds, but the basketball courts are not coming back. …MORE

Homeless People Stealing Pets In Orange County

By Jayson Campadonia, KABC A four-month-old Siamese kitten was recently snatched from a home in San Clemente, and is the third pet taken by a homeless person in the last two months in the area.  The kitten named Kona now needs surgery but has been reunited with her family after several graphic pictures were posted…MORE