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Drug companies race to test coronavirus vaccines

Originally Published: 27 FEB 20 12:50 ET Updated: 27 FEB 20 13:26 ET By Paul R. La Monica, CNN Business (CNN) — Gilead Sciences stock was up slightly on Thursday, even as the Dow plunged into correction status. The reason? The biotech company is moving closer to finding a potential treatment for the deadly coronavirus.…MORE

Apple Watches and iPhones could be used to detect a leading cause of strokes

Originally Published: 25 FEB 20 12:53 ET Updated: 25 FEB 20 13:58 ET By Paul R. La Monica, CNN Business (CNN) — Apple is partnering with Johnson & Johnson to reduce the risk of strokes in senior citizens. J&J and Apple announced Tuesday that US citizens over the age of 65 (with a traditional Medicare…MORE

Biotech company Moderna says its coronavirus vaccine is ready for first tests

Originally Published: 25 FEB 20 09:37 ET Updated: 25 FEB 20 12:07 ET By Hanna Ziady, CNN Business (CNN) — US biotech firm Moderna has shipped an experimental coronavirus vaccine to US government researchers just six weeks after it started working on the immunization. Initial trials of the potential vaccine could begin in April, but…MORE

Vanessa Bryant stands at the center of Kobe Bryant grief

Originally Published: 24 FEB 20 12:13 ET Updated: 24 FEB 20 18:20 ET By Lisa Respers France, CNN (CNN) — Vanessa Bryant broke hearts Monday. The wife of Kobe Bryant spoke publicly for the first time at the memorial for him and their 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, who were killed along with seven others last month…MORE

Fans will pack Staples Center today to honor Kobe Bryant and his daughter

Originally Published: 23 FEB 20 17:08 ET Updated: 24 FEB 20 11:56 ET By Eliott C. McLaughlin, CNN (CNN) — From the time he began shooting make-believe game winners with his dad’s rolled-up tube socks, Kobe Bean Bryant always wanted to ball. But his years on the court don’t begin to sum up a life…MORE