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Battle Against Road Diets Intensifies as Cars Get Squeezed Out

The opposition continues in Mar Vista against traffic-choking road diets.  Demetrious Mavromichalis runs the Venice Grind Coffee House. His is one of the businesses impacted by the new traffic calming measures imposed by the powers that be at Los Angeles City Hall. “They’re choking the heck out of these boulevards to get people to go…MORE

Crime Expert: ‘L.A.’s Most Wanted List’ Exposes Dangers of AB 109, Props 47 and 57

By Sandy Wells KABC News Controversy continues to surround AB 109, especially with the recent murder of Whittier Officer Keith Boyer by a parolee whose multiple parole violations resulted in nothing more than ten-day “flash incarcerations.”  It’s just the most recent example of the legislation’s failures, according to Michele Hanisee, President of the Association of…MORE

Union Actors Say Website That Posts Their Birth Dates Costs Them Jobs

Actors’ employment opportunities capped by web site that reveals their birth dates.  A new law passed by the California legislature to keep the information off the Internet Movie Database ( was placed on a temporary hold by a court that said the law violated the First Amendment. Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, Counsel for SAG-AFTRA, the union for…MORE

State at ‘Tipping Point’ Says Friend of Slain Whittier Cop

By Sandy Wells KABC News A friend of slain Whittier police officer Keith Boyer says political change is needed now. Michael Mejia, the reputed gang member who allegedly shot and killed Boyer was released from custody some two weeks ago in connection with another crime. One the day Boyer was killed, a homicide and car…MORE

Your Devices Are Listening to You, Expert Says Your Right to Privacy is on the Line

By Sandy Wells KABC News Prosecutors in Arkansas have issued a warrant to obtain information from a man’s Amazon Echo, believing it may hold data that can help in a murder trial. The devices virtual assistant, known as “Alexa,” could hold recorded audio from the time of the murder as it “listened” to the room,…MORE

Are Hollywood Tourist Vans Safe?

By Sandy Wells KABC News Many tourist vans in Hollywood are unsafe, lacking seat belts and structurally compromised by dangerous modifications – such as having the roof removed.  Where there used to be just a handful of well-run businesses, there are now more than fifty operators offering tours in the Hollywood area.  The sheer number of…MORE

LA Mayor Urges Public Calm During Terror Threat to Metro Station

Security has been beefed up at several Metro stations in response to an “imminent” threat against the Universal City Metro Red Line station. A caller used a public safety line to inform authorities of the threat. The threat’s credibility could not be fully vetted. Mayor Eric Garcetti visited the Metro Red Line Station and advised the…MORE

Cops Union: LAPD Caught Unready for Anti-Trump Protests

By Sandy Wells KABC News The LAPD had a rough couple of days dealing with protesters following the election of  Donald J. Trump.  Los Angeles Police Protective League President Craig Lally says the lack of planning put officers at risk. “I’ve heard they didn’t have an operational plan for this event because I think the Department thought there…MORE

Driver Named Trump with Vanity Plate Causes Issues

By Sandy Wells KABC News A guy from Oregon has been driving around for 9 years with a vanity plate that has his last name on it. Everything was cool until the presidential election campaigns got started. Then, says Brian Trump, his life behind the wheel became a little more complicated. “It was probably about…MORE

AZ Rancher Says Mexican Cartel Has Run of His Ranch

By Sandy Wells KABC News An Arizona man whose ranch borders on Mexico says criminals now regulate all traffic coming across into the U.S. Jim Chilton says before the big wave of migration began in the 90’s, the border was much quieter. “Thirty years ago, men would come across from time to time looking for…MORE