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Dana Point asks group to stop feeding homeless

A non-profit group feeding the homeless in an Orange County city is running afoul of local authorities.  The Dana Point City Council has asked the group “Welcome In” to change their ways or stop their activities. City Council member Paul Wyatt says the group’s approach is hampering the city’s efforts to find a long-term solution…MORE

Activist decries media’s lack of coverage of crimes by illegal aliens

The ultimate separation of families was the subject of a special meeting at the White House.  But why did some media outlets look the other way? Activist Don Rosenberg is frustrated by the media’s complicity with America’s feckless immigration policies. ”One of the network shows – in the middle of covering the event cut away just as we were…MORE

Border crisis blown out of proportion, says Border agent

The people arrested for illegally crossing the southern U.S. border are only about half the story. The other half are getting through, says Chris Cabrera, Border Patrol agent and spokesman for the National Border Patrol Council. “I would put the number at 40 percent apprehension rate. I know the Border Patrol has come out as…MORE

Melania Trump makes surprise visit to border facilities.

By Kate Bennett CNN “I want to thank you for your hard work, your compassion and your kindness,” the first lady said at a roundtable briefing at Upbring New Hope, with doctors and medical staff, social workers and other experts on hand. Melania Trump becomes the first Trump family member to personally witness the situation…MORE

Minimum wage hike will challenge local restaurants [AUDIO]

On July 1st, the minimum wage is going up to $13.25 an hour for larger businesses in the City of L.A. and unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County, where many restaurants will be affected. Selwyn Yosslowitz – the co-founder of Marmalade Café restaurants – says raising the minimum pushes up all wages. ”So what happens…MORE

Local Congressman Says His Bill Will Keep Families Together

President Trump has been meeting with GOP leaders on Capitol Hill. They’re working on a bill that aims to keep families together who illegally cross the border into the US. The president insists he won’t sign a bill that doesn’t include border security and funding for the border wall. But Democrat Congressman Pete Aguilar, from…MORE

Trump urges House GOP to pass immigration bill

President Trump met with Republican lawmakers to discuss immigration legislation amid the growing crisis of families being separated at the border. CNN’s Abby Phillip reports.

Pickled in Texas: State Legislature Sets Limits for Farmer’s Markets

A retired couple in Texas, who thought they could supplement their retirement with sales of pickled vegetables grown in their garden are suing the Texas Department of State Health Services. Why? Anita and Jim McHaney are suing over the state’s definition of a pickle. They’ve been selling their produce at a local farmers market and…MORE